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Hood & Barnett PLLC is experienced in every aspect of family law in Tulsa, Oklahoma, from divorce law to juvenile deprived situations. We can help you:

Set the Terms for Your Divorce

Divorce is an emotional time; however, you do have a lot of control over how it will go. Parties can agree on many of the issues and set their own terms. This can all be done with minimum court time and expense.

Custody of Minor Children

There is no “full custody,” there is Joint Legal and Sole Legal Custody relating to decision make for the minor children. The children have a right to have both parents, therefore the starting point should be Joint Legal Custody. However, if Parents cannot set aside their differences to work together on joint decisions for their children then one will have to be appointed Sole Legal Custodian.

Children Born out of Wedlock

Children born out of wedlock are presumed to be in the custody of the mother. Even if the man’s name is on the birth certificate or he has filed an Acknowledgment of Paternity he still does not have custody and visitation rights. The father must file a Paternity action in District Court to be adjudicated the father and establish custody and visitation rights.

Determine a Visitation Schedule

Parties can agree on the schedule that works for them and their children. Courts today attempt to give each Parent equal time depending on their schedules and abilities.

Adjust Your Child Support

Child support can be adjusted based upon a change of circumstance such as an increase or decrease in income, change in child care expense, or change in health insurance for the minor child.

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Hood & Barnett is known for finding solutions that work best for our clients. We understand family law inside and out and stay informed about changes to court proceedings. Our family law attorneys in Tulsa, Oklahoma will help you make the best decisions to deal with your situation.

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The family law attorneys at Hood & Barnett started this practice in October 2005. After attending law school together, they began practicing in various areas of law before narrowing their focus to family law in 2012. We understand how sensitive and complicated family law issues can be. Our team will provide the dedicated assistance you need and work toward the best possible outcome.

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