Consult with a child custody attorney in Tulsa, OK

At Hood & Barnett PLLC, we put the needs of your child first. If you need to modify your child custody agreement, we’ll help you decide which changes will be in your child’s best interest. We will work to amend your agreement if the parent with physical custody:
There is no “full custody,” there is Joint Legal and Sole Legal Custody relating to decision make for the minor children. The children have a right to have both parents, therefore the starting point should be Joint Legal Custody. However, if Parents cannot set aside their differences to work together on joint decisions for their children then one will have to be appointed Sole Legal Custodian.

Moves to a different city or state often

Enters into new relationships frequently

Is emotionally unstable

Changes jobs constantly

Refuses to abide by visitation rights for the other parent

Our child custody lawyers in Tulsa, Oklahoma can also assist you if you’re moving, if you need to adjust the visitation schedule or if you want to terminate your joint custody plan. We’ll help you make the right choice so you can provide your child with a healthy, stable living environment.

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