Consult with a child custody attorney in Tulsa, OK

At Hood & Barnett PLLC, we put the needs of your child first. If you need to modify your child custody agreement, we’ll help you decide which changes will be in your child’s best interest. We will work to amend your agreement if the parent with physical custody:

Moves to a different city or state often

Relocation in custody Cases

Relocation of minor children once a custody order has been entered requires compliance with 43 O.S. 112.3. The sole custodian and/or primary physical custodian must provide written notice of the intended move 60 days prior to the move, if less than 60 days then as soon as the move is intended. The notice must be sent certified mail to the other parent and provide the date of the move, the reason for move, new address, and a proposed new visitation schedule. Once received the other parent has 30 days to file an objection with the court and request a hearing.

Enters into new relationships frequently

Is emotionally unstable

Changes jobs constantly

Refuses to abide by visitation rights for the other parent

The custodial parent has a duty to facilitate visitation. If the custodial parent is refusing and/or interfering with visitation the other parent may file a Motion to Enforce Visitation pursuant to 43 O.S. 111.3 which must be heard by the Court within 20 days.

Our child custody lawyers in Tulsa, Oklahoma can also assist you if you’re moving, if you need to adjust the visitation schedule or if you want to terminate your joint custody plan. We’ll help you make the right choice so you can provide your child with a healthy, stable living environment.

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