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Divorce is never easy. Hood & Barnett PLLC will work with you and your partner to make this process as smooth as possible. We’ll help you both reach a favorable agreement. Our divorce lawyers can help you:

Determine child custody

Child custody is governed by multiple statutes found in Title 43. The paramount consideration is the best interest of the children. Courts will start with the presumption that parents are both fit and proper and can exercise joint custody.

Joint Custody does not mean that parent will have equal time or will not pay child support. It means that parents will work together in making decisions for the children relating to their Health, Education, Religion and well being. If parents cannot communicate and work together then one party may be awarded sole custody.

Sole Custody means that one parent, with or without the consultation of the other, will make the decisions as to the Health, Education, Religion and well being of the children. It does not mean they may dictate what the other parent does with the child. Nor does it mean the other parent cannot obtain medical and school records or attend medical and school events.

Parenting Time

Time with the children is not dependent on the type of custody that is ordered in a case. Time is determined by the schedules of all parties, including the children and what is practical. Parents cannot dictate the rules of the others house when the child is in the other's custody as long as the child is safe.

Parents are encouraged to facilitate as much time with the other parent as possible as it is in the children's best interest to have both parents in their lives.

Child support is based upon 43 O.S. 118-120. The Oklahoma Child Support Guidelines are presumed to be correct and are based upon the total of both parents gross monthly income from all sources to include military, VA disability, BAH, overtime, etc.

File the necessary paperwork

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